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Supports healthy Circulation and Nerve
Sensation as dietary Supplement*

Healthy Nerve and Sensation Support through your body's
TRPA-1 Channels, additional ingredients supporting Healthy Circulation and
increased Nutrient Absorption.

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The Secret? TRPA-1 Activation

Cinnamon Bark Oil Activates a special sensory pathway right below the skin's surface known as TRPA-1

How is it different from other products?

Trexar® activates your body's TPRA-1 Channels

TRPA-1 Channels:

Responsible for the hot & cold sensations felt on the skin. When they are activated, they result in an increase of sensation.

Everyone's body has TRPA-1 Channels:




Cinnamaldehyde is the aldehyde that gives cinnamon it's flavor and ador. it has been extensively studied to excite the TRPA-1 Channels in your body, which may result in weakening your nerves and increasing sensation through sensory neurons. (Bandell et al, 2004)